Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home"

This sign adorns my kitchen window.  If what it says is true, my home is in danger of having a heart attack! I don’t want that to happen so this week begins the grueling task of getting my “heart” back into shape.  Launching my 15 Weeks of Clutter Rehab, I start week one with clearing my counter tops and sharing organization tips on maintaining clear and efficient counter top space!  Stay with me all week as I take this one step at a time.  Heart, don’t fail me now! 

My Kitchen Counter Top Space Now


Monday, May 30, 2011

Garage Sale Top 5

Garage Sale Top 5 Tips

One way to get rid of the clutter in your home is to have a Garage Sale.  My husband and I recently had our first Organized Garage Sale.  Our purpose was two-fold.  We wanted to start clearing the clutter in our home and raise money to contribute to the disaster relief for families in Joplin, MO who suffered from Tornado damage.  So we charted out into the Garage Sale world with a purpose and wanted to make this Sale worth while for a cause.  I did some research on how to hold a successful Garage Sale and after my experience this weekend I’ve narrowed down 5 Tips I consider key to having a Great Garage Sale!  

Lowe's Apron under $2

  1. Plan Ahead!  I planned 2 weeks in advance but I’ve read 3-4 weeks is more ideal.   One tip I found while researching that I want to try for next year is have a year-round Garage Sale tub.  Designate a big tub to store items you come across all year long that you no longer want or use and stash those items in your Garage Sale tub.  When your tub fills up throw it in attic and start another.  Now by the time that annual Garage Sale comes around you’ll be ready!  
  2. Price EVERYTHING!  It may sound like a lot of work but it’s proven to be the most efficient way to make money.  I priced everything I could while in my living room watching my favorite show or movie to help the time go by.  I even had a little help from my toddler.  Pricing everything helps with those shy customers who don’t want to ask how much an item is and prevents you from having to answer the same question over and over, “how much for this item”?
  3. Wear a Fanny Pack/Apron.  Something to keep the money you have on you at all times.  Our Garage Sale was ran mainly by my husband and myself so at times we were both busy answering questions or talking as people came and went.  It’s much easier to keep track of your profit if it’s on you instead of in a cash box especially if it’s just two of you running the show. 
  4. Price low.  For myself I wanted to have a Garage Sale to clear out clutter.  I worried about pricing because I had really never priced items for a Garage Sale before.  But I learned this time around it is better to price low and have things sell then to set a price and no one want to walk away with your stuff.  Remember your consumer; people who shop Garage Sales are looking for killer deals. 
  5. Advertise and Preview.  These two combined were the best selling points of our Garage Sale.  We used Craigslist and Facebook to advertise as well as word of mouth.  As I began preparing the night before I took pictures and posted them as a Facebook Album titled “Garage Sale Preview” and before our Garage Sale had begun we had already sold items!  I also have heard of neighborhood Garage Sales having a preview night for other residents and others suggest inviting friends and family over for a preview night. 

Now, while I have my Top 5 Tips.  There are several other great tips out there!  Here are a few websites I found that I thought had great advice!  What has been your experience with Garage Sales?

To view more of my Top 5 Tips click here or visit my Tidy Tips section!

52 Weeks of Clutter Rehab

I started a short while ago really digging deep, reading and researching everything related to becoming an organized person knowing I needed to make some big changes in my life and to my daily habits.  On my search I found Laura Wittman, author of the book Clutter Rehab and founder of the Blog I’m an Organizing Junkie.  I knew almost instantly after exploring her website that this was a great place to start.  I am checking myself into her 52 Weeks of Organizing starting in the room I use most often; The Kitchen. 

Please prepare yourselves, this is not a dramatization, but how my kitchen looks right now:

Scary and embarrassing, I know.  But this is where my road to recovery begins.  To kick-off my 52 Week Challenge follow me as I learn simple ways to organize your kitchen and maintain a clutter-free cooking space. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorial Day Grand Opening!

Thank you for choosing to follow my blog!  This blog is brand new and I am still in the process of organizing my post and plugging in information.  I will have my blog ready by this Memorial Day Monday.  So please come back and visit, leave comments, tips, and encouragement as I begin this journey to recovery from being an Unorganized Mommy!